Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Stand Tall Darling

 I was really inspired by this set called So Fab from RG Studio 360. Richard shared a facebook live where he created a card with the images from this set. I used a lot of his same ideas and techniques on my cards and I just absolutely love them! 

I colored the flamingos and the flowers with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers. I did not write down the markers because, well, I don't know why. I always do but I guess I was so into these cards I just forgot! I do know that I used CR6, CR4 and CR2 for the flamingos. 

To create the ink splatters on the background I just tapped on a black Sparkle pen, so the ink splatters sparkle too! And it was much less messy than paint. 

I just love these cards and can't wait to send them to some very special people (one of which LOVES RG), I think she will be thrilled when she gets this one (above). 

I think I will send this one to my sister. She's pretty fab. 

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