Thursday, July 5, 2018

Craftin' Desert Divas Birthday Card Stash

Hey everyone! It has been too long since I last blogged. The last month has been busy busy busy! But now my summer vacation has truly begun and I have more time to craft (at least that's my plan!)

I am so excited to be posting my first ever Craftin' Desert Diva's DT post! I am a member of the digital stamp team and can't wait to share all my projects with you.

Today I am taking part in a Designer's Challenge where we were asked to share some ideas for creating a Birthday Card Stash.  I never have enough birthday cards so this was a great way for me to build up my stash a bit.

I used images from the Birthday Surprise Digital Stamp Set to make a collection of flip cards.

The first thing I did was print all the images I wanted to use and then I used the Silhouette Machine to cut them all out so they were just the right size.

Next I chose the patterned paper I wanted to use for my cards.

Tip #1 : When creating a set of cards choose the patterned paper first, this way you will have an easier time choosing a color theme for your images.

Once I had a color theme picked out I started coloring.

Tip #2: Rather than coloring 1 image at a time, color one color at a time. That way you have less markers out at one time and you can move through all the images more quickly.

I colored all of the green in  my images first, then the blue, etc., until they were all finished.

Once all the images were colored it was time to assemble the cards.

Tip #3 : If you have a machine like the Silhouette, you can have it working on cutting out all the pieces for your cards while you color.

I sorted all the pieces so I could quickly assemble all of the cards.

And in no time at all I had a nice set of birthday cards to add to my stash!

Here is a closer look at each of the cards I made.


  1. very clever to use your plotter to make them all the same, lovely set of cards

  2. Great set of cards, Mari. And thanks for sharing your tips!


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