Monday, October 9, 2017

Blend of the Week - Pumpkin Orange

I have been wanting to start doing a color blend of the week for so long! I finally made the time to do it. This summer has been a time for change and growing and really deciding where I want to go with my coloring and crafting. I have been neglecting this poor blog and that is one of the things I definitely want to change. I have had ideas for thing I want to do here for a long time, I just never made the time to do it. But now I have, starting with the Blend of the Week posts. 

Since Halloween is coming up soon I thought I'd start off with a pumpkin orange. This blend uses TN6 and 3 of the newer colors- BO4, BO3, and BO1. 

Tomorrow I will have a post featuring the card I made with this image. 

You can download your free blank color charts HERE to fill in with all your favorite blends. 

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