Friday, September 23, 2016

Craftroom De-stash Part 1 {My Packing Party}

Oh the dreaded "D" word for every crafter out there. Unless of course you're on the buying end of someone else's de-stash  sale!

I have been having a lot of trouble with all my stuff, I know I know, poor Mari and her over abundance of craft supplies. But seriously, I just have too much stuff. So I started planning a de-stash sale, but was really overwhelmed with how to go about sorting through all of stuff and putting it up for sale.

I have been following The Minimalists on Facebook and on their blog for the past year or so. I've tried their 30 Day Minimalism challenge a few times, only to fail around day 17 every time. Then I read about the "Packing Party" The idea is basically that you pack up everything you own as if you were moving and over the next 30 days only unpack what you need when you need it. At the end, sell or donate whatever is left in those boxes.

It's extreme. With a family of 7 I could never pack up the entire house at once, I would lose my mind. But one room each 30 days doesn't sound so bad. And to set an example I decided to start with my craftroom. I think it will really help me figure out exactly what I need to keep and what I can part with.

I don't have as much time to craft as I used to, but I still have so much stuff. As my kids get older I see even less time to craft, especially since I plan on going back to work at some point in the next 3 years.

So this is not a de-stash to re-stash sale. Actually, there's a 2nd part to my madness. I won't get into details, but my family has been not as financially secure as we need to be. So, we are also embarking on a year of No Spending. Yeah, I know. It's scary and crazy. And anyone who knows me is probably thinking "I give her 3 days before she breaks". Which is the main reason I share this. Accountability. Now it's out there. You all know. I don't like to fail and my family needs this. I think it could really help turn things around for us.

For the next year we will only buy food (with a very strict budget) and consumable household items that we need (shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap, etc.). There will be two exceptions to the rules made for my family- my kids are small and they are growing like mad, so if they need new clothes I will buy them clothes, but not new, we will get them from resale stores. And Christmas. My kids will get Christmas gifts. I won't deprive them of that, I just won't go as crazy as I normally do. We will set a spending limit for gifts and that will be it.

As far as my spending money for crafts goes, usually it works that whatever I earn from selling my cards, etc. I get to use on supplies. For the next year I will only be allowed to use that money for things like glue and ink, etc. as I use up what I have here first.

So that's the plan. I plan to update on the Packing Party once a week and the no spending about once a month so you can see how it's going for us. Maybe you can join in too!

More details on my HUGE de-stash sale will be coming next month so you won't want to miss that!

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  1. Wow Mari, I really need to do this also, and I also need to do the no spending thing too.

  2. Wow , Hun think that's amazing , I think I need to do something the same , just the min spending thing ,
    You going to do follow up posts ? I hope so would love to see xxxx


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