Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bible Journaling - Mixed Media Vellum Insert

I've recently started doing some Bible Journaling. I've had my journaling Bible for over a year now, but haven't done much with it until earlier this month. I don't know how much of my journaling I will share here on the blog, it's kind of a personal thing to me. But I'm sure I will share some pages and things as time goes on. Like I am today. 


Here's a little bit about why this insert came to be created: 

I have to be honest and say that I have been away from the church, away from the Bible and prayer for too long now. It was something I knew I needed to change, but it just wasn't that high on my priority list. I know, it should have been #1. But for reasons I won't get into, it just wasn't. 

I started going through some pretty rough times. Depression is an evil beast. It was a really bad time, but it was what I needed, there was a reason for it. I knew I couldn't get out of it alone. I knew I needed my faith, I needed daily prayer, I needed God in my life again. 

There have been a few times in my life when I've been at really low points. And each time I know it's time for a change, it's time to ask to be broken. To be remade. That's where I was a few weeks ago. So I got on my knees and I prayed. Take me. Break me. Make me. 

And that was the start. It's still just starting. But it feels right. We found a new church, that so far we are really enjoying. We dusted off the Bibles. I pray. A lot. I've been broken. It's time to rebuild. 

So that's where the idea of this vellum insert came from. 

And now I have a little tutorial on how I made this vellum insert for you. I really love how it turned out and will probably make some more of these to go throughout the Bible. These could be attached at a certain page or just left loose. I left mine loose so that I can move it around in my Bible. 

To make this you will need vellum, acrylic paint (I used black), color mists, modeling paste or texture paste or embossing paste, gold or silver foil, double sided adhesive, a silhouette machine, a stencil and palette knife (or old credit card). 


The first thing I did was make a guide for where I wanted the paint to go. I knew I only wanted a portion of the vellum painted, so I drew a guide on some grid paper and then taped the vellum over it. 

I knew the text would be in this square so that's where I painted, I didn't want just a solid square of paint. I made it more random and messy, but used this to give me an idea where to paint. I wanted to make sure I had a large enough area for all of the text to fit. 

As the paint dried I cut the text out of double sided adhesive with the Silhouette machine. I attached the letters over the paint and then removed the top layer of the adhesive. I placed the sheet of foil over that and gently rubbed it over all the letters. When I pulled it up all the letters were covered in silver foil. It looks great in person, but was super hard to photograph. 

*Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding the foil, it will stick to any wet paint!

Once that step was done it was time to get messy. I sprayed the mist colors directly onto my craft sheet and added some texture paste on top of them. I mixed the colors in just a little bit so that there was still a little variation of color in the paste. 


I placed the stencil over the bottom corner of the vellum and used an old credit card to spread the paste into the stencil. I do have palette knives, but I really think a credit card works the best for this. 

I repeated this is the top corner and added a few splatters of the mists over top of the whole thing. Then I let it dry over night before placing it in my Bible. It will be a  little wrinkly and not so flat when it's finished. That's OK. After a few days pressed in your Bible it flattens itself right out. A heavier vellum will hold up much better for a project like this, but you really can use whatever you may have. 

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