Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blend Of The Week #2 {Really Red}

Today I have the 2nd Blend of the Week to share with you.

I think red is one of those colors that a lot of people struggle with. I know I did. I avoided using red for a long time. Then I got a little braver with playing with blends and found some great combinations. 

The one I have today I call Really Red. It's a nice red blend, it doesn't have a dark shadow, but it's a good general red blend. You can always add a darker color to it if you are looking for a deep shadow area. I'll have a blend like that later on in the series. 

The blend is CR11 CR8 CR7, from darkest to lightest. 

You can see my full project using this blend here.  

I would love to see how you use this blend, feel free to link up your projects below. 

Have a color that your struggling with? Leave a comment with a color blend you would like to see and it might be my next Blend of the Week. 

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