Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cards for the Teachers & Staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Good morning, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Today I am asking for your help.We all know about the horrific shooting that happened last week in Newtown, CT. There are a lot of really great projects going on right now to help the victims and their families and all the children, which is wonderful and I have been more than willing to help with them.

But I haven't seen anything about the teachers and the staff that will  have the very difficult job of holding it together for these kids once classes resume. They will have the hard task of making school feel normal again, while they themselves are still healing. I thought maybe they could use a little encouragement along the way.

The Who What Where and Why

I was up most of the night coming up with Cards of Love & Encouragement. I thought sending some cards to be given to the teachers and staff would be a nice way to let them know how many people are thinking of them and to just encourage them as they get back into their routine.

The "Rules"

Cards do not have to be Handmade, although handmade cards are preferred. Cards should be uplifting and positive. No "I'm so sorry for your loss", etc. Please sign your card with your name, and if you want, your location. Please do not put the cards in individual envelopes. I will be dividing them up and will want to make sure there are no duplicates, etc. going to the same person.

I do not have an exact count as to how many staff there will be, there will be classroom aides and other staff, so I would just like to collect as many cards as possible, my goal is at least 250. If you can't send cards we are also accepting donations, just hit the donate button below. Donations will be used to buy supplies for an upcoming card making party and the rest will be sent to the Sandy Hook PTA for them to use for any services they need for the children.

I would like to send the cards out on January 2nd, 2013. So I would like to have them all in my hands by December 31. If you do send cards PLEASE e-mail me at alamom@rocketmail.com so that I know how many packages to expect. I would like to be sure I have them all before sending them to Newtown.

Help Spread the Word

This is just a small blog, so if you would grab our badge and post it in your sidebar or help spread the word through your blog, facebook, etc. I would really appreciate it.

Please link to this post :)
An Added Bonus to Doing a Good Deed

Also, anyone who does send in cards will be entered in a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate to my shop, Stamp Your Life, LLC. Just a little thank you for helping me out!

UPDATE 12/21/12: I have removed the Donate button as we have received enough donations to cover the cost of the supplies and shipping the cards. I will be sending the remainder of the donated money to the Sandy Hook PTA with the cards. Thank yo so much to everyone who has helped with this!

Please send cards to:

Mari Kocjancic
c/o Stamp Your Life, LLC
P.O. Box 14564
Poland, Ohio 44512

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  1. Thank you for organizing this wonderful project. I have added you to a list of handmade projects that benefit Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown: http://www.hideousdreadfulstinky.com/2012/12/crafting-for-sandy-hook.html


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